DCL Custom Buildings

"We make your second reality come true!"
Here the examples and the prices for the custom projects realized by Digital CULT Lifestyle

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 ~FULL Region (65536 smq. 15000 prims)

~HALF Region (32768 smq. 7500 prims) 

 ~QUARTER Region (16384 smq. 3750 prims) 

 ~Single Building Small or Medium size (4096 smq or less)

 ~Single Building Medium size (from 4097 to 8192 smq)

 ~Single Building LARGE SIZE (from 8193 to 16384 smq)

 ~Single Building REGION SIZE (huge buildings)

::: Do You Need a Customized architectural Project in Second Life? please send an e-mail to: or IM to Colpo Wexler  :::